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Our Story

Our story began in New York City, where Hyun and Kibeom were passionately debating on investing philosophies at the cafeteria corners of Google Chelsea office.

We came from opposite worlds - Hyun came from the Wall Street world where institutional wealth capitalized on resources and analytical rigor while Kibeom came from the Silicon Valley world where engineers made fortunes from the growth of BigTech and startup dreams. Hyun was an active investor by profession, Kibeom was a passive investor by nature; Hyun believed in the power of research and analysis, Kibeom felt knowledge and technicals can only do so much.

Nonetheless, we both strongly agreed on one thing - Retail investors are trapped in a huge information gap and lack of discipline. We wanted to bridge that gap.

So our journey began. We envision a world where everyone can become an intelligent investor and grow their wealth in the likes of Wall Street hedge funds and Silicon Valley capitalists.

Join us, change the world.
Hyun & Kibeom


Hyun Hong

CEO | Co-Founder

Creator of YouTube Channel, New York Joomin (“뉴욕주민”) Author of national best-selling books onUS Securities Analysis, Diary of a Wall Street Trader Prior to her recent ventures, Hyun worked at various corporate finance roles including Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions Group at Citi, JP Morgan, private and public equities investments at Northwood (fmr. Blackstone Real Estate Fund), and management consulting at McKinsey & Company. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Pennsylvania, and a Master’s degree at Yale University.

Kibeom Kim

CTO | Co-Founder

Former Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead at Google, Mountain View, CA. Kibeom contributed to a wide range of products at Google, including TensorFlow, Search, Chrome, and AdMob. What Googlers say about Kibeom He has a Masters degree in Math from NYU and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at University of Delaware.